Flying Scotsman
Vital statistics
Position Express passenger locomotive
Age 88 (as of 2011)
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Flying Scotsman is the world's most famous steam locomotive, Gordon's only brother and was built in 1923 by Sir Nigel Gresley. For Season 1's tenth episode Super Rescue, Flying Scotsman had no model with a face so WildNorWester used Gordon as a replacement.


Flying Scotsman came to the North West Railway to cheer Gordon up and was seen one night outside Knapford station before Gordon's driver saw it coming towards him. Henry was jealous of his two tenders and later, the famous steam locomotive took the passenger train from Bear and headed towards Barrow-in-Furness. Following Oliver's escape from scrap, the steam locomotive returned to British Railways which Donald and Douglas believed that he will not come back again to see Gordon from now on since 1967.

In Doncaster Drawn, Tornado said that both LNER A3s were the only engines that the Peppercorn A1 had met, but Flying Scotsman was in an overhauled state at the time when he actually met him. One of Flying Scotsman's brothers, 4476 Royal Lancer was seen hauling a passenger train in the countryside one day as part of the LNER flashbacks from the decade known as "the roaring twenties".


Flying Scotsman is an LNER Gresley A3, much like his real-life counterpart. He is the last surviving brother of Gordon.



Cancelled Episodes


  • WildNorWester worked alongside Sodor Workshops and Light and Coal Productions to make a Flying Scotsman model. The model was released on both Sodor Workshop's and WildNorWester's site. The model was made to promote the real Flying Scotsman's return to steam, as well as to build hype for his appearance in the Thomas tv series special The Great Race.