Vital statistics
Position Steamroller
Age Unknown
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

George is a steam roller who is very rude to the engines. In Season 1 STMY, his arrogance lead to an accident at a level crossing. However, it was also revealed that his past of hating engines began when he was accidentally pushed into the sea at the harbor by Colin.


George originally came from Liverpool, England and was sent to fix the road at the level crossing where Thomas had his accident with a car. His arrogance soon got into a fight with both Toby and Sheffield. Later on, Mavis collided with him despite the trucks having to give some advantage of his arrogance at the crossing. Sheffield said that George was both a bully and a fool in his own mind. George was mentioned by the narrator when he says about Mavis being at the works in Crovan's Gate during the episode, Homecoming. In Genesis of a Grudge, he has an alleged accident made by Colin at the harbor and this was when George started hating the engines which made him protest about railways, and wants to turn them into roads.


George is an Aveling and Porter steamroller.

Voice Actor