Gordon's Promise
Gordon's Promise
Season Three, Episode Eight
Vital statistics
Air date Saturday 25th of February, 2012
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Comfort Zone Rescue Mission

Gordon's Promise is the eighth episode of Season 3, and the twenty-sixth episode overall.


A weary Henry came back to Tidmouth Sheds and the mainline locomotives became busy with tourism difficulties along the way. The thin, small and fat controllers ordered a tourism campaign to be put in and Great Britain loses her temper in not much needed trains with diesels trying to nationalize the country and steam locomotives on preserved lines only. Henry, James and the Scottish twins said that Patrick tried to get their trains on time but another engine is needed with Diesel rudely saying that diesels control all of Great Britain but was shutted out by Douglas and James. Gordon arrives with Donald saying he's late and the express on British Railways was delayed in severe condition.

Gordon grinned with the others in shock saying that he met an engine back a few months before which Patrick burnt out his traction motor and Gordon took the express to London which he heard an engine's whistle as Alice came to collect her passenger train. They both met sixty years ago and talked about their times of history before Gordon's guard blew his whistle and the blue tender engine chuffed off. Diesel was confused about the GNR but Gordon said the GNR was formed into the LNER after his designing by Sir Nigel Gresley and Henry saying about talking to Sir Charles Topham Hatt about the proposal.

Gordon has forgotten to mention it and Douglas said that something happened to him on the way home which Gordon said he was busy with express work. He talked to Sir Charles Topham Hatt next morning and in London, Alice was sad to having her trains getting lighter and a car pulled up near the shed. It was Dave Matthews, the GNRPS President who talked to her about financial difficulties and turning her over to East Anglia.



  • This episode is the first appearance of Alice.
  • The episode is the first not to feature the background for the credits.
  • This is the first episode to have a character's name in the title.

Voice Cast

  • ANB as Alice
  • WildNorWester as Narrator, Diesel, Donald and Douglas, James, Gordon, Henry, Dave Matthews and Sir Charles Topham Hatt



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