Grand Opening
Season Two, Episode Two
Vital statistics
Air date Saturday 4th of June, 2011
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Little Engines Old Tricks

Grand Opening is the second episode of Season 2, and the fourteenth episode overall.


The Small Railway's construction is in working order and will be fully completed by two days as a grand opening is scheduled at that time. Passenger duties are taken by Rex and Bert as Mike will take trucks as a demo onto the chute and how to shunt them. He wasn't happy about this and later that day the two hopper trucks in front fell off the chute and onto Donald's tender. The two hoppers were removed with the spilt ballast all over and Donald puffing away crossily saying to Mike that dumping the ballast was the right thing, but the hoppers wasn't. Rex arrived to see the disaster and the workmen cleaning up before saying to Mike he had an accident and what the manager had to say.

The manager had already found out about this and scolded Mike saying "We cannot afford to have careless behaviour like that. You'll stay in the sheds until you are wanted.  Rex will have to do your work at the grand opening tomorrow as well as his own. I'm very disappointed in you, Mike."

Douglas arrived at the special opening hearing the band playing and everyone flocked to the railway for this special day. Thomas later arrived from his branch line with another special train for the passengers to see this event. Rex and Bert were in good moods to do trains of passengers over and over again in good timing but Mike didn't feel like it as the band kept playing in the distance. Later, Bert broke down and Mike rescued him after the manager ordered him to do the job without ruining the grand opening.

The train reached the terminus but the passengers clapped from behind before the manager congratulated Mike and sent Bert to be rebuilt at the workshops just north of the station.



  • During the Opening Ceremony, the title tune from Monty Python's Flying Circus can be heard in the background.
    • Donald also quoted "And now for something completely different.", the opening line to the show.
  • Outside Bert's cab, you can see Ringo Starr at the station where he breaks down.
  • This is the shortest episode of Season Two, with a running time of 6:48.


  • WildNorWester's voice seems to be from a high to low tone in the part where Bert and Mike reach the terminus.



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