Great Northern Railway Preservation Society
Vital statistics
Type Preservation society
Level Tier one
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location London, England
Inhabitants Dave Matthews
Alice (formerly)

The Great Northern Railway Preservation Society is a company who kept Alice as their main engine before it ran into financial trouble. Its main base is located near the center of London in England.


Gordon told Diesel and the other engines about the Great Northern Railway and its preservation society due to having an old friend working there since the 1920s before the LNER A0 Pacific was sent to the NWR. After speaking to Sir Charles Topham Hatt, the controller agreed to phone the society's manager to see if Alice is available for service. Unfortunately, the society ran into trouble. It was on financial difficulty and the British government tried to help them restore their confidence and glory, but it was no use. Dave Matthews, the company manager said there's financial difficulty and not enough sponsors to gain Alice's reputation on both British Railways and the preservation movement.

The last thing for her was to be turned into a playground for children to play on at a park in East Anglia. Meanwhile, contact between Sir Charles Topham Hatt and Dave Matthews had soured as Charles West had reported on the troubles going on in London. Gordon was later sent to the British capital to bring Alice home to the NWR. She met the second-in-command of the volunteers and later, the manager himself. They all said about the request including her rescuer. According to the British government, Matthews told them to use the last of their money to gain pieces of coal and have her ready when Gordon arrives to pick her up. She thanked the volunteers and Gordon's Driver gave Matthews a box containing lifetime passes to see the NWR and their Atlantic C1 before the two engines headed off for Crovan's Gate with the express right outside London through a misty moonlit evening with the music in tow.