Great Western
Great Western
Season one, Episode seven
Vital statistics
Air date Friday 18th March 2011
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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New Beginnings Little Western

Great Western is the seventh episode of Season 1.


After Flying Scotsman's departure in 1968 (at the same time of year), Douglas arrived home to Knapford Sheds after taking the midnight goods and rescued Oliver from a scrapyard on British Railways. James said to him to get Sir Charles Topham Hatt and tell him about Oliver, but Gordon said Douglas should tell him at once. The engines were later greeted by the controller who warmly said that Oliver is in their own hands. A month later, the North West Railway conferred around at the sheds but it turned badly as a mad stunt when Oliver did not turn up.

Henry, Gordon and James roughly said their words and Douglas said that British Railways won their defiant victory by snatching Oliver and cutting him up for scrap. Duck thinks that Oliver should learn two ways and be on time without any delays. The Scottish twins said about Duck's attitude, even the big engines chuckled within their own smoke boxes.

Traveling angry to Tidmouth Hault, Duck meets up with Oliver which in turn causes a big fight and the 5700 class locomotive steamed off. Later, he meets Toby who tells him about not being judged too quickly and Oliver's reasons to be very late. After being turned around on the turntable, Duck picked up a goods train and the trucks had a new idea to make him crosser still. The trucks make their signal saying "ON, ON, ON!" and crashed Duck onto the sand at the coast. His driver and fireman jumped clear as the train slithered onto the sandy beach. Oliver arrived and quickly got help from the next station which was Callan. The train on the beach was later pulled back onto the rails by Oliver. At the sheds that night, Duck apologized for being rude and Oliver makes his long story which is held next episode. There is no "to be concluded" before the credits go up.



  • Railway Series references include Little Western, Bowled Out, Pop Goes the Diesel and Dirty Work.
  • The beginning of this episode is a homage to Escape in the television series.
  • This is the first appearance of Oliver.



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