Green Arrow
LNER Class V2 Green Arrow
The real Green Arrow
Vital statistics
Position Mixed traffic engine on British Railways
Age 79
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Weight 145.1 tons

Green Arrow is a preserved locomotive that Thomas met at the National Railway Museum in York and is mentioned by the blue tank engine in the episode, Homecoming.


Sir Stephen Topham Hatt sent Thomas to the National Railway Museum in York for a railway show in 1990. After an accident at a level crossing and the lorry driver fined for illegal parking, Thomas found the LNER V2 2-6-2 being repaired at the steam works in the museum. After some talk, Thomas had to be ready for a special event which at the end turned nasty. Green Arrow was chosen to take the rail tour of passengers to the seaside. Although the manager thought it was going to be heavy, Green Arrow strongly threw this out of the way because of his brothers' glories during World War II. After he and Thomas were ready, they took the rail tour down to the seaside.

As they pass a ruined abbey, Thomas knew something up ahead was wrong. He whistled and told Green Arrow to stop the train. The train stopped just in time and an inspector found the problem of erosion near the river. Buses took the passengers home, Thomas chuffed across a second track with Green Arrow going after him and reached York station at the end of it. Sir Stephen Topham Hatt came to see Thomas and the manager congratulated the blue tank engine for preventing a nasty accident near the river.