Helena Margaret Hatt
Vital statistics
Position Wife of Stephen Topham Hatt
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes

Helena Margaret Hatt is the wife of Sir Stephen Topham Hatt, the third Fat Controller. She is only mentioned in the Season 5 episode, Expectations which the Hatts do appear in.


In Expectations, Sir Charles Topham Hatt tells Stephen Topham Hatt about Helena Margaret. The narrator mentions that she had taken ill and was sick for several days. The third Fat Controller says she's a bit better, but she didn't like feeling coming down to see his dad and he decided to let her stay home while he and two of their children come down to his cottage in seeing him. The retired Fat Controller at his cottage said he was glad to hear that she felt better. After that, the two men with both Richard Topham Hatt and Emily Helen Hatt turned and went into his cottage to have dinner at their table during a marvelous evening from the sky.