Henrietta and Victoria
Vital statistics
Position Toby's coaches
Age Henrietta; 127 (as of 2011)

Victoria; 129 (as of 2011)

Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Height Not stated
Weight Not stated

Henrietta and Victoria are Toby's loyal coaches.


Henrietta was with Toby on his old railway in East Anglia, England. He met The Fat Controller and his kids, Stephen and Bridget Hatt. They went for a ride in Henrietta several times until his railway closed down. Toby thought he was going to be scrapped but The Fat Controller needed him to help on Thomas' Branch Line. The next day, Toby and Henrietta went to the Island of Sodor to help out.

Victoria was bought by The Fat Controller in 2006 when the workmen at the quarry were packing up Henrietta and some couldn't fit in her. She was found in an Orchard near Elsbridge. The Fat Controller thought things through and decided to purchase Victoria.

Victoria is painted in FR blue and white livery with black wheels. Henrietta is brown with black wheels like Victoria. Both were mentioned in Winds of Change as Thomas, Percy and Toby were in the branch line sheds at Tidmouth talking about WiFi in the coaches.


  • Henrietta's model is an SI3D model made for Trainz 2009/2010/12, while Victoria's model is actually a reskin of Chris Burgess' old Annie and Clarabel models. The reskin was actually made by Burgess and released on UK Branch Lines some time before the models were removed due to hassles regarding releases, which in turn resulted in the creation of Sodor Island 3D. The Victoria model can still be found on the Download Station.
    • It is likely both models will be replaced by the Railway Series-accurate models released by Camscott for STMY Season 2.
  • Both have not spoken in the series so far.