Season One STMY, Episode Twelve
Vital statistics
Air date Saturday 6th of December, 2014
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Aftermath Genesis of a Grudge

Homecoming is the twelfth episode of Season 1 of Sodor: The Modern Years, and the seventy-sixth episode overall.


While in the works for repairs from his accident with the car, Thomas meets Lily for the first time in decades. They do a bit of catching up and soon, Lily leaves to start work. As Lily puffs around Sodor, she sees that the island had changed a lot since she was last working on it. The next day she is taking a passenger train from Ffarquhar, when she feels a tickle in her cylinder, and it starts to leak steam. She is rescued by Percy and he tells Lily that they need to look after the people on their line, which she remembers saying to Thomas. It makes her realise that Sodor may have changed over the years, but the spirit she remembers is still around.



  • The RWS book Thomas and the Great Railway Show is mentioned.
  • A color-in picture of Lily at Ffarquhar station is used for the background of the end credits.
  • Black and white stock footage is used from The Missing Engine, Separation Anxiety and Aftermath.
  • When Thomas says "morning, Lily", Duck's expression turns to shock. This is a nod to the episode, Little Western Legacy.


  • Thomas has a shade of white near his whistle when Lily speaks to him at the steam works.
  • Due to the stock footage from Separation Anxiety, Lady TehPikachu is not credited for voicing Bill and Ben.

Voice Cast



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