Horrid Lorries
Vital statistics
Position Road freight vehicles
Age N/A
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Height N/A
Weight N/A

The Horrid Lorries are three lorries who were rude to the engines and carry their products from one destination to another on the Island of Sodor.


They make a cameo appearance in the fifty-first episode, Expectations. After that, they first appear in Harvest Season as they carry fresh produce of wool down to the Arlesdale Railway for the engines to pull them away from the cargo platform in special vans. One of these lorries was very rude to Jock who was saying about the produce coming down by road and was teasing him. The lorry later got into trouble by being stuck in a traffic jam due to a road accident. The accident was caused by a car crashing into a fire hydrant and the driver was interviewed by the police. The lorry stopped the train, Jock was carrying and had loaded the last van with both fresh fruit and vegetables before the train sets off once again from the level crossing. The lorry later made an apology to Jock as both he and Bert moved away down the line with their train just leaving Arlesburgh West.


The Horrid Lorries are based on Foden lorries, once a common sight around rolling stock yards.