Vital statistics
Position Sodor Road Freight lorry
Age N/A
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Height Not stated
Weight Not stated

Hugh is a lorry who works for Sodor Road Freight and is befriended by Douglas following some complaints from his supervisor, Mervyn Burns for being late to work due to heavy traffic out on the roadways to the company's one facility.


Hugh arrived late to work, only to be complained thoroughly by his manager. Following that, the manager stormed angrily away leaving Douglas to befriend the lorry after saying that Mervyn Burns shouldn't have bullied the lorry or any other vehicle that belongs to his own company. After the sparking of an orange container, Inspector Davidson along with The Fat Controller joined the director in interrogating Hugh and he confessed to crashing into a bridge due to heavy rain on the road. Hugh turned on Burns for bullying him and Douglas intervened, leaving The Fat Controller to know that the Scottish twin was involved with Burns' bullying against Hugh.

Hugh was later seen at the factory belonging to Sodor Road Freight, seeing the police raid that founded contraband inside some shipping containers due to go out soon to Ireland from England and the Island of Sodor was Mervyn Burns' staging point. Police arrested Burns and the management team leaving Hugh very relieved and the team was charged on three separate accounts of lying, the media stunt on Stephen Topham Hatt and contraband smuggling. The company was also in the role for the bridge collapse from the previous episode as said by Charles West, the reporter who worked for Sodor Nightly News.

Following Mervyn Burns' imprisonment, the owners of Sodor Road Freight appointed a new manager to head Sodor Road Freight since the 1994 scandal on the NWR. Hugh has a non-speaking role when he was spotted leaving The Container Yard with a container heading for his destination. It seems that he was relieved to have new management following the raid on Mervyn Burns which led to his arrest.

Later, in 2009, Emily Helen Hatt sent Hugh and his lorries to the yard in picking up shipping containers in the yard following Patrick's accident with the ice at the location's front door which was blocked off until the evening.



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