Charles West
Vital statistics
Position News reporter from Scotland
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Forced to leave by Charles West
Physical attributes
Ian was a Scottish news reporter who was at the press conference where Stephen Topham Hatt held it at Knapford station telling him and the others about the recent bridge collapse on The Little Western.


Ian was telling Stephen Topham Hatt if the NWR's infrastructure of tunnels, bridges and viaducts were safer for engines to cross. The Fat Controller wasn't happy and sighed that he won't be answering that question. He said the bridges have been standing without incident, but Ian said the one on The Little Western didn't before being interrupted by the Fat Controller saying his part of using civil engineers to check on tunnels and bridges to see if it's safer for engines to cross with their trains. The reporter thought the entire information was finished, but Charles West said to give it a break.

Although no offense from West, Gordon was targeted by Ian saying that the engine is leaving with the express and the Fat Controller would've got his own words if Gordon was killed off the viaduct after going through Tidmouth.

Gordon angrily blew his whistle and spoke with fury at the reporter who had said the insult. Ian thought it was a joke with no apology and only questions he asked at the Fat Controller. Gordon wondered who or what caused the bridge collapse, but Ian suggested aliens from Mars attacking it with Gordon finally saying that Inspector Davidson does his job before being interrupted by the NWR controller. The express engine felt angry and seething at Ian for the insult before Charles West blasted at Ian saying Gordon's got a point and if finished scampering, the journalists have a press conference to finish. Ian angrily stormed off as he appears in stock footage at the start of Desperate Times.