Season One, Episode Eleven
Vital statistics
Air date Friday 15th April 2011
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Super Rescue Snowstorm

Identity is the eleventh episode of Season 1.


Winter has arrived and Christmas is about to do so. The engines were working so hard that the Fat Controller is asked by Edward to bring another engine to help before Christmas can be celebrated. The Fat Controller had an idea in his mind and at the docks, Henry was supposed to take his fish train but another engine managed to take it. At Knapford, Henry met the engine according to the Fat Controller that his name is Alfred, an LNER engine who came to help before Christmas is bound to be on. A near big fight began between the two before the Fat Controller shouts SILENCE!!! and said no fights should be made before Christmas Eve on December the 24th. Henry left Alfred behind with an angry look with his goods train. James and Alfred also talked at Tidmouth before Henry overheard the entire conversation.

Snow began to go badly and the sky turned black like an enemy's aerial bombardment on a city. Alfred was asked to take the Yuletide Express because Gordon was delayed and someone needs to take the train. Gordon told the B12 to be careful in the snow and Henry smudged on a siding. Alfred was stuck at Henry's Tunnel and Henry needs to get him out. Alfred's talk was muffled by the snow and Henry pulled him with the train out of the tunnel. Both engines headed back to Knapford where the Fat Controller was waiting for them but Donald and Douglas were ordered to fight the snowdrift at the tunnel. The Fat Controller stopped them and all trains aren't going nowhere as a strange shadow came in, but who was it and TO BE CONTINUED....



  • Railway Series References include The Deputation and The Flying Kipper.


  • Henry goes to Brendam Docks to take the Flying Kipper, but Henry is too heavy for branch lines.



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