Inspector Davidson
Vital statistics
Position Railway Inspector
Age N/A
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height N/A
Weight N/A

Inspector Davidson works for the railway.


The railway inspector was with Stephen Topham Hatt at Knapford station, dealing with the media conference there. They were allowed to speak to the media which included a few questions from Charles West, Ian and a Female Reporter. Davidson stayed back when Mr. West was still speaking to the controller after Ian's ridiculous incident with Gordon. After this, the inspector left and waited inside The Fat Controller's office. Later on, he spoke with Hugh about the incident involving a bridge after the inspector spoke to Mervyn Burns during a meeting with The Fat Controller. Inspector Davidson was later told by Stephen Topham Hatt that the whole investigation could be turned over to the police. Burns fled the scene by driving quickly from Sodor Road Freight and nearly got crushed by Oliver. The whole story ended when Burns was arrested at the company's main factory where Hugh saw the entire police raid.


Voice Actor

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