Vital statistics
Position D8, in charge of The Container Yard
Age late 40s to 50s (as of 2016)
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Iris is a diesel who was brought in to work at the Container Yard.


Iris used to work at an ammunitions factory before being brought to Sodor to shunt at the container yard. She doesn't really approve of pranks and jokes, as Bill and Ben found out. She didn't really have a Christmas spirit, until Sheffield explained to her what all the fuss was about. She takes the empty trucks that the loads for the containers are brought in to Diesel's yard behind Knapford.


Iris is a British Rail Class 14 shunter, which were built during the mid 1960s.


Iris is painted dark green with yellow buffer beams on both ends.



Voice Actor


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