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Ivo Hugh
Vital statistics
Position No. 7
Age 22 (as of 2018)

Built in 1996

Arrived on Sodor 1996 (Built on Sodor)
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Ivo Hugh is the youngest and strongest of the Skarloey Railway engines.

He was built in 1996 by Mr. Ivo Hugh and the workmen before he was named after the railway's chief mechanical engineer.


Ivo Hugh was assembled at Crovan's Gate Works when the Skarloey Railway were in need of another engine. He is named after one of the former chiefs of the railway, Mr. Hugh. In 2009, Ivo Hugh was speaking to Geoff about Duncan's sadness following last year's death of George Carlin. The seventh locomotive on the railway mistaken Carlin's cause of death as "passed away", which Duncan correctly said that Carlin died and from the television, Duncan mentioned the man's name after Geoff said who was the person on it. Ivo Hugh said who was the man on the television and Rheneas mentioned the comedian's name before two engines spoke next. Ivo Hugh finally said that Carlin became the firm favorite for Duncan because of his complaining and foul-mouthed attitudes.

Ivo Hugh later came to Rheneas station with a slate train meeting both Duncan and Sir Handel at the shed. Ivo Hugh was at the shed with the other engines when the Scottish tank engine came back sad about Carlin all day long. Ivo Hugh was then passing with a passenger train when The Thin Controller was speaking to the Scottish tank engine. Ivo Hugh said the words "rather brave" when he and the other engines saw Duncan's livery which was used on the kids show that Carlin narrated for the United States. He also has a role in the ninth episode, Duty of Care and the feature-length special, Winds of Change.


Ivo Hugh is friendly and kind, but can become cross or agitated at times.

Voice Actor


Ivo Hugh is based on Tom Rolt, the No. 7 engine on the Talyllyn Railway.