Jamesportrait by wildnorwester-d7fw6s7
Railway Series Portrait
Vital statistics
Position Mixed-traffic engine
Age 98 or 99 as of 2011
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

James is a vain, red mixed-traffic engine bought in 1923. He doesn't like pulling branch line trains or going on branch lines in general, and prefers to stay on the main line pulling coaches.


James is very vain and thinks he is above the rest of the railway. Because of this, he absolutely dislikes the thought of pulling trucks over passengers and is willing to go great lengths to change the plans. However, he is quite thoughtful and caring when the time comes. He also has a quick temper and was one of the last engines to accept diesels on the railway. He ften becomes quite jealous, because in Fame and Misfortune, he didn't like Tornado's fans constantly taking photos of him. But, beneath his vanity, James is a reliable engine, and has a kind spot somewhere in his smokebox.


James was designed by George Hughes and is based on a L&YR Hughes Class 28 with an added pony truck, giving him a 2-6-0 wheel arrangement compared to his basis' 0-6-0. He also does not have sandboxes over the front splashers.

Livery and Appearance

James used to be painted black with red boiler bands until his accident on the first day on the Island of Sodor. He was then repainted red with black and gold boiler bands.

Prior to his accident with the tar wagons after Toby's arrival, James had curved splashers on his front. When he was rebuilt after this accident, he was given sandboxes next to his smokebox.



Cancelled Episodes



Voice Actor


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