James Clarke
Vital statistics
Position Winston's driver
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Killed by ammo explosion
Physical attributes
Height 5 ft 9 in

James Clarke is the driver of Winston, seen in the forty-fifth episode, Iron Hero. He managed to get Winston and an on-fire bomb wagon clear of the train of ammunition he was carrying, thus preventing a greater tragedy.


James Clarke knew the only thing to do was to get Winston and the on-fire wagon clear from Norbridge station platform. Colin Stiles, the porter, ran down the platform to meet with Winston's fireman to uncouple the wagon. As the train went, the red tender engine asked Clarke to jump clear before the explosion, but Clarke said that someone had to get Winston clear of the rest of the train.

Colin Stiles had been telling the engines at Knapford Sheds about Winston's heroism. Stiles thought that if Winston hadn't got clear of the rest of the train in time, then the resulting blast could've destroyed Norbridge. Sir Topham Hatt, Colin Stiles and the engines took a moment to remember Winston and Clarke. A plaque of Winston and his driver is on the wall at Norbridge station.



  • James Clarke's surname came from Herbert Clarke, the guard on the train that this event was based upon, at Soham on June 2nd, 1944.