Jane Albworth
Vital statistics
Position Head of the London Royal Mutual Chartered Trust Bank
Age Thirty something
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes

Jane Albworth is one of two children belonging to the deceased Sir Walter Albworth. Her brother is Andrew Albworth and she is head of the Royal Mutual Chartered Trust Bank in London. She serves as the main antagonist against Olivia in the fifteenth episode of Sodor: The Modern Years, Cold Reception.


Albworth got off Duck's train at the platform and met the engines of the Arlesdale Railway to which she took quite an interest in them. She met Olivia at Marthwaite a day before the gala and was just about to greet her when Olivia blasted at her, saying "DON'T SAY IT'S GOOD TO SEE ME AGAIN! DON'T YOU DARE!". Bert had heard the beginning of a nasty fight. Jane knew that the tank engine was upset which was then asked by her to why she came to the railway. Olivia was then told that she didn't see Jane for the last couple of days and was a representative of a local bank in London. Jane wanted to see the tank engine in order to apologize, but Olivia refused and scoffed it with a spit to the ground. The fight got more worse when Olivia refuses to have Jane get on her train. The last thing, Mr. Andrew Duncan needed was an intended railway strike since 1984 where the NWR had Diesel going on strike, but this time with Olivia nearly going on strike.

The tank engine said to Bert that the woman has no use to her and left without the passenger. Bert talked to her and became the most talk to Rex which was then back to the green tank engine at the lead mine. Jane missed her last passenger train that night and Olivia with a goods train took her back to the station where they both accept their apologies on the route to the main station and Jane left the train tracks up to the platform. Olivia was happy that the fight was over and she just smiled to herself.



  • Jane Albworth shares the same model as Emily Helen Hatt, but with a different hair color.


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