Jeffery in Sodor: The Early Years
Vital statistics
Position Electric locomotive at Peel Godred
Age 43-45 as of 2018

Built in 1980s

Arrived on Sodor 1980s
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Height 12 ft 4 1⁄4 in (3.766 m)
Weight 83.3 long tons 93.3 short tons 186,000 lb

Jeffery is an electric locomotive working on the Peel Godred Branch Line with his colleagues Andy, Steve and Sean. His main color in Sodor: The Early Years was NWR maroon as the others had NWR purple, NWR black and NWR Green.

Season 3

He first appears in Football Special taking a train of football fans to a game with the Sodor Strikers. Jeffery never has an accident and never has he. Unfortunately on the way back, his transformer went off after an itch was made when he passed Steve. The red electric engine was then helped by Andy, but he said nothing as Andy told him about what happened and was very clumsy indeed. Jeffrey, Sean, Steve and Andy made a cameo appearance during episode twenty-three, Useful Engines.

Season 5

Jeffery makes a cameo appearance with Edward in the final episode of Sodor: The Early Years, Desperate Times. They join together after Sodor Road Freight was involved in the bridge collapse and the police arrested Mervyn Burns on three separate charges of lying, a media stunt and contraband smuggling between Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland. He is the only electric engine to be in this episode as his colleagues are rarely seen since Season 3.


Jeffery is a British Rail Class 87.