Jeremy Watson
Vital statistics
Position Thomas' new fireman
Age N/A
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Only appearance
Physical attributes
Height 6 ft 1in
Weight N/A

Jeremy Watson is the new fireman for Thomas in the episode, Changes for Season 3 of Sodor: The Early Years.


After Sir Charles Topham Hatt came to speak to Robert, Thomas was told that Harry is promoted to become his driver as Sir Charles Topham Hatt said that the new fireman, Jeremy Watson will arrive early in the morning. Jeremy arrived early the next morning to get Thomas ready and his driver came afterwards following Thomas' shock desire that it was Jeremy's first day on the job. In a deep voice of whispering, the blue tank engine believed that Jeremy hadn't made his fire a bit more stronger and a proper job for cleaning his smoke box. Jeremy told the new stationmaster about the cylinder clocks which were closed and checked. He told about the cleaning to Thomas, only to find a stone in his funnel after clearing it out. Thomas believed that Jeremy did a good job and he chuffed off to take his next train from Elsbridge station.