Jim (fireman)
Vital statistics
Position Ivo Hugh's fireman
Age N/A
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Relieved by another fireman
Physical attributes
Height N/A
Weight N/A

Jim was Ivo Hugh's fireman in the ninth episode of Season 1 STMY, Duty of Care.


Ivo Hugh struggled to Rheneas (station) where the passengers disembarked and his fireman dumped his fire off before checking into the funnel of the locomotive. He said that something is blocking the steam, but unfortunately the stone was wedged in right down after Ivo Hugh was cross that he wasn't allowed to spray it out at all. Jim later climbed down from Ivo Hugh's side tank and went into his cab to get the passengers home to Crovan's Gate. Peter Sam said that Jim was looking to see any damage with the boiler and pipes as the stone was still inside it. Jim was exhausted and leaned against Ivo Hugh's side tank for a rest before the train left again for Lakeside station. With the engine worried about him, the fireman later had lost his balance at the causeway and fell into the water. He managed to get back into the locomotive's cab.

Jim was later asked to have a talk. He told the locomotive that he will take some aspirin, but Ivo Hugh told him to go to the doctor. Before Jim replied, the driver told him to do that and the fireman rode in the guard's van to finish the journey with Rheneas helping out to bring the passengers to Crovan's Gate. Rheneas was told by Ivo Hugh later about what happened. At the sheds, Jim told his locomotive that he will be off work due to an ear infection and the relief fireman later replaced him when the locomotive's driver came out of The Thin Controller's office with the relief fireman in tow.

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