Vital statistics
Type Station
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location Peel Godred Branch Line

Killdane is a town and the station junction between Kellsthorpe Road on The Main Line and Cronk for Peel Godred Branch Line. An hourly (half-hourly at peak times) service is provided and four passenger trains are pulled along the branch from here by Jeffery, Sean, Steve and Andy, the electric engines.


In 1983, Alfred crashed here. The cause of the accident was that he tried to make a crossover, but only to derail between the lines. Gordon rescued him afterwards and made an apology for the rivalry that had started between both engines. Sir Charles Topham Hatt told him at the previous station that the cause is being investigated by the railway inspectorate from London.

In 2009, both James and Tornado attempted to reach Killdane with the special train, only to have James break one of his cylinders.