Kirk Ronan
Flying Fish
Brian at Kirk Ronan harbor's dockyard shed.
Vital statistics
Type Station
Level Tier one
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location Kirk Ronan Branch Line

Kirk Ronan is the top station of the Kirk Ronan Branch Line. The docks there is where in 1865, Skarloey was unloaded from the ship that brought him to Sodor and he was taken to work at the Skarloey Railway by Neil, the Sodor & Mainland Railway's number 2. Eric now works the branch line, bringing fish from the dock up to Kellsthorpe Road for the Flying Kipper taken by Henry every night.


In Medivac, WildNorWester says that the station is being restored by workmen after Sir Stephen Topham Hatt made it a top priority and WildNorWester says about the harbor where Skarloey was unloaded from the ship before being sent to the Skarloey Railway in the early years of the island's history. In Snowed In, Eric used his cinders to melt the snow that is blocking the line between both Kirk Ronan and Rolf's Castle. In Flying Fish, Sheffield had to sort out trucks here and during one night, the Flying Kipper was delayed due to the trucks breaking away from the austerity tank engine before crashing into the dockyard shed's front door. The shed contained an old brake van by the name of Brian and he became Sheffield's brake van after being restored at Crovan's Gate. In 2009, Brian was telling Thomas his story of Lily being put onto the ship bound for Scotland despite the brake van being locked up in the shed. The ship sunk in wild seas and a storm as it travelled towards Scotland. The crew made it to the Isle of Man, but both the ship and Lily were lost underwater.