The Kirk Ronan Branch Line
Kirk ronan
Vital statistics
Type Branch Line
Level Tier Three
Opened 1853 (Sodor & Mainland Railway), 1984
Closed 1934
Location Kellsthorpe Road to Kirk Ronan
Inhabitants Eric

The Kirk Ronan Branch Line is a branch line that was closed down during The Great Depression, in 1934. It was restored in 1984, fifty years later. Before the NWR formation, 3 small green boxy engines named Neil, Clive and Roger ran the line when it was part of The Sodor and Mainland Railway. The line starts out at Kellsthorpe Road, where it connects with The Main Line to Kirk Ronan and beyond Kirk Ronan there is a Small Docks. Eric now runs the branch line.

Restoration of the LineEdit

Sir Stephen Topham Hatt requested for the branch to be restored and James had been told to pull supply trains. But, due to the points being set to the Sheds, he had an accident and was sent to The Crovan's Gate Works. The Fat Controller had went to Knapford Sheds to speak to The Main Line engines and told them about James' accident. Alice had offered to bring the supplies to Kellsthorpe Road. Then the next day, Oliver was pulling his passenger train to Knapford and he was chatting with The Fat Controller and made a suggestion about another engine from the other railway. He thought it was a great idea and brought him to The Island of Sodor. He was referred to as Bear. He brought supplies down the line. When the reconstruction was finished, he did not go back to England because he'd be withdrawn. Once he reached Maron, the station master there told him to go back to yards. He went back and The Fat Controller told him that he was bought for the North West Railway and Eric was built to look after the branch line.