Kirk Ronan Docks
Vital statistics
Type Dock
Level Unknown
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location Kirk Ronan
Inhabitants Unknown

The Kirk Ronan Docks are near the town of Kirk Ronan.

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Skarloey was unloaded here by Neil in 1865 before being taken to the Skarloey Railway. Traffic declined during the 1920's, and the Kirk Ronan Branch Line was eventually closed during the Great Depression. In 1984, The Fat Controller decided to re-open the Branch. James was assigned to the project, until he had an accident. Then Bear and Alice helped the workmen rebuild the line, and Eric eventually took over. In Flying Fish, Sheffield had to take over the line when Eric went for his 5 yearly service. One night, the fish vans for the Flying Kipper broke away, and crashed into the shed at the docks. Brian was found in the shed, and was restored to work with Sheffield. In Sodor: The Modern Years, it was revealed that Lily was put aboard the Errant Venture at the docks in 1934, only for the ship to sink in a storm. She was then rescued after 75 years underwater, and put back into service on Thomas' Branch Line.

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