Knapford Yards
Vital statistics
Type Goods-Shunting Yard
Level Tier 3
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location Knapford
Inhabitants Diesel

Knapford Yards is the main yard behind Knapford. It consists of sidings for trucks and sheds for engines or coaches. Diesel currently runs this yard. In Genesis of a GrudgeEdward, Neil, Colin and Adam worked here.


In both Sodor: The Early Years and Sodor: The Modern Years, some episodes take place in or around Knapford Yards. The yard has plenty of sidings for trucks and a carriage shed for coaches used in passenger trains. In the episodes First Impressions, Worked Out and Bad Apple, some sidings were seen from the bridge consisting of trucks who sang rude songs to Diesel at least three times. The song that was heard twice by the audience was "Pop Goes the Diesel". The other one was an original song. Most episodes like First Impressions, One Good Deed and Taking Care of Christmas take place within the inside or outside of the yard. It used to have separate tracks back in the early days of Sodor.