Vital statistics
Type Station
Level Unknown
Opened 1965
Closed N/A
Location Skarloey Railway
Inhabitants Unknown

Lakeside is a station located near the Skarloey Railway's harbor where all narrow-gauge goods is taken to. The train station is for passengers boarding or alighting off the train at the platform.


Lakeside is where Skarloey crashed into a rude lorry at the harbor, causing him and half of his train to fall into the water. His driver jumped clear along with the fireman before the train fell off the rails as Rheneas came to help him out of the water using the Breakdown Train. Lakeside was the scene of a storm where both Sir Handel and Rusty helped getting the townspeople out of the area to Crovan's Gate where they will be safe. Peter Sam and Rheneas helped with the supply train before the orange tank engine helped with the passengers following Rusty's circuit having to explode along the causeway by a lighting strike. Peter Sam brought the supply train into the terminus where Stepney was waiting with a team of doctors to check on anyone being injured during the storm.