Season One, Episode Two
Vital statistics
Air date Saturday 12th February, 2011
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Desperate Measures Tolerance

Limits is the second episode of Season 1.


With Gordon at Crovan's Gate for his boiler repair, the NWR soon finds out that a Class 40 locomotive will be sent to help out with the tiring work. The Fat Controller appoints Henry to take express trains and early next morning, the diesel locomotive arrives and asks Duck for his jobs. Duck tells him his goods train needs to be taken, but the diesel tries to borrow Donald and Douglas' goods train that the Great Western engine left on the siding. He leaves with the two trains leaving Duck very worried indeed and Patrick toots his horn at James on the Viaduct as he travels down the line. At the yard, Duck tells the Scottish twins that the diesel had taken their train and Patrick gets stuck on the hill.

His driver says that they shouldn't take the second freight train and the Scottish twins arrive to help, but deja vu strikes when Donald's front bufferbeam is smashed with the rear of the brakevan. The guard is uninjured if critical of falling over and hurting himself but Henry is told to quickly call for an emergency with Duck bringing the breakdown train to Gordon's Hill outside Elsbridge. That evening, the Fat Controller tells Patrick he needs to know his limits and arranges another engine to help with the work. Diesel arrives and the engines are cross that it isn't what it seems. The ending says "TO BE CONTINUED..." in yellow text.



  • Edward does not appear in the intro between Thomas and Henry. He also doesn't appear in the closing scene in both this episode and Desperate Measures.
  • This episode marks the first appearances of Patrick, Diesel, Duck, and Douglas.


  • Henry is in his old shape.
  • During the scene when Patrick and James puff on the viaduct, the edge of the set can be seen.
  • Patrick was traveling on The Main Line when pulling his train but he passed The Watermill during his journey which is on Thomas' Branch Line.
  • Trainz junction arrows can be seen.



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