Little Western
Season One, Episode Eight
Vital statistics
Air date Saturday the 26th of March, 2011
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Great Western Night Run

Little Western is the eighth episode of Season 1.


From Great Western, the mad stunt at Knapford Sheds was still not over and the introduction to Oliver is scheduled for tomorrow. Bertie dropped off a passenger by the name of Charlie Stewart whose brother, Andy, Oliver had rescued though seriously injured by a landslide on Thomas' Branch Line. The other worker was Tom Marc who was with Andy Stewart. Duck was left in a state of confusion and Oliver's story starts off. It all started at Elsbridge where Oliver met Thomas along with Annie and Clarabel when Thomas' driver said that a landslide had injured several workmen and with Bertie, the three vehicles headed for the crash site as the sound of the William Tell Overture was playing in the background. At Ffarquhar, Harold was on site waiting for the men to be transported by train from the crash site must be handed over to him in order to take the injured to hospital.

Thomas went towards the crash site as Oliver takes the vans to the site. At the site, the GWR 14xx locomotive is introduced to both Toby and Percy. Some of the workmen were all right, but Toby said two of them were injured. Thomas asks Oliver to take the coaches and reach the station. Oliver takes Clarabel to the station as his music theme is playing on the journey to Ffarquhar. Harold is then lifted off with the injured workmen to hospital after they alighted Clarabel.

Clarabel was left alone and with him running late, Oliver spoke to Sir Charles Topham Hatt about the emergency on the branch line and the controller praised him for his bravery before sending the locomotive to take a passenger train on The Little Western arriving at Tidmouth Hault. This later become the battleground between him and Duck in the previous episode following the mad stunt. Shortly afterwards, the mad stunt was finally over and Oliver was introduced to the main line engines plus both Edward and Duck who were at Knapford Sheds the next morning. The narrator finally mentioned a part from the 1969 Railway Series book Oliver the Western Engine, but that's another story to begin with for another day.



  • Railway Series references include Resource and Sagacity and Escape.
  • The episode's title is based from the Railway Series story.


  • Trainz Junction arrows can be seen.