Lord Harry
Vital statistics
Position Culdee Fell Railway locomotive
Age 49 (as of 2011)
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Only appearance
Physical attributes
Height N/A
Weight N/A

Patrick, better known by his original name of Lord Harry is a mountain engine on the Culdee Fell Railway.


Lord Harry arrived on Sodor in March of 1962. He was named after the chairman of the Culdee Fell Railway and was very abrasive in liking things very excited. After the rescue of three climbers, Lord Harry was renamed Patrick as a gift from one of the climbers who was injured in the accident on a cliff face with two other men. Lord Harry makes a cameo appearance in the twentieth episode of Sodor: The Early Years, Football Special with Culdee having a speaking role and Catherine not speaking at all.


Lord Harry/Patrick is based on Padarn (formerly named Sir Harmood), engine 6 on the Snowdon Mountain Railway.




  • Updated models for the Culdee Fell Railway were created by TheJonateers.