Lower Arlesburgh
Vital statistics
Type Station/Freight Yard
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location East of Arlesburgh West
Inhabitants Mike
Blister I
Blister II

Lower Arlesburgh is a station on the Arlesdale Railway. This was where Frank and Sheffield saved a runaway Mike, and where Olivia was unloaded off Douglas' flatbed.


Lower Arlesburgh was where Mike had his runaway caused by a teenage boy who touched his controls after his driver, Jim had to telephone for a relief driver because he was very ill. Rex was shocked as Mike passed him very fast before Frank told his driver to stop and a quick thinking workman changed the points towards the chute. When Sheffield heard the commotion, he told his driver to back up and with a truck of sand ready underneath, Mike fell head first into the sand. This ended the runaway and the police are looking for the teenage boy who started the mayhem. This took place in 1994 during the episode, Sheffield's Secret. Bert spoke to Douglas here about the local produce and the new container flatcars.

Frank arrived at Lower Arlesburgh to get a new tank engine off Douglas' flatbed and onto the Arlesdale Railway's tracks. Mr. Andrew Duncan introduced himself to Olivia and told her to join Mike on his passenger run before setting off down the line. It was here at the sheds that Rex told Mike about Olivia and if the red tender engine was being rude to her. Mike said it was not deliberate for him to do that. In Cold Reception, Jock and Olivia talked about the gala on the railway and one of the charities from London was coming to be part of the charity. Olivia went off to be turned around on the turntable.