Vital statistics
Position Passenger locomotive on British Railways
Age Died at 38

Built in 1906

Arrived on Sodor N/A
Status Scrapped
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight 69.6 long tons (70.7 t; 78.0 short tons)

Mary was Alice's sister.


Details about Mary's past before World War II are murky, but she was one of the engines who was loaned from the LNER to help with the war effort. On May 30, 1944, her injector failed while she was taking her troop train and had to be helped by Winston to Norbridge station. Winston, at the time, was taking an ammunition train and offered to help. Another engine took over for her.

In Testing Times, it is shown that Mary was left on a BR scrap siding after Alice was rescued. She was scrapped shortly after Alice's rescue.


Mary was a GNR C1 Atlantic, like her sister.




  • Mary shares the same faces with Rosie the Red Tank Engine from the Thomas and Friends TV Series.


The model for Mary will not be released. WildNorWester has made it clear on several occasions (including an entire dedicated video) that this will not be happening. Further to this, permission for her to be used as a character by others has not been granted, nor will it be. This is final.