Vital statistics
Position Engine on Sheffield's old heritage railway
Age 74 (As of 2011)
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Maxwell is a steam engine who was seen in Sheffield's flashback during the episode, Taking Care of Christmas. He is numbered 5388 by the LMS, 45388 in British Railways days.


Maxwell was pulling a passenger train on Sheffield's old railway during Christmas time. He was also done up to look like Henry on Day Out With Thomas Events.


Maxwell is an LMS Stanier Class 5, like Henry.


He may appear in the Rowan the Garratt Engine mini-series.


  • Maxwell is a reskinned version of Henry's new shape model.
  • Ironically, the real 5388, later 45388, was not preserved; it was withdrawn in August 1968 and later scrapped in May 1969.
  • His faces are modified versions from those of Murdoch from the Thomas & Friends TV Series, which are the same kind of faces used for Shane.

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