Season Four, Episode One
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Air date Saturday 6th October 2012
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Medivac is the first episode of Season 4, and the thirty-seventh episode overall.


Harold is flying over the stormy air quickly to land at Kirk Ronan. He has rescued the crew of a fishing boat that was capsized by high tides. The crew is alright, but one of them is in both a bad way and with serious injuries. The ambulance near the pier was stuck because heavy flooding has cut off the only road to Knapford as said by a paramedic. Harold flies off the ground after a doctor, Harry Sullivan came into the helicopter and cared for the patient in need. Donald and Douglas are double-heading a goods train on the main line as Harold quickly gets their attention. With the injured passenger riding in the brake van with his doctor, the Scottish twins set off with Harold relieved to have landed despite the bad weather. The train passes James on the way with the music from Storm Report being played in the background. After some effort, Donald whistles twice at Elsbridge for his driver to catch the stationmaster's attention by throwing a note of paper wrapped around a lump of coal.

Gordon blasts through with the express after passing Kildane and Donald says that the express line to Knapford will be cleared by then. They are switched to the express line at Maron. A short while later at Knapford, Edward said about not to sit out the storm and even talked to Alice about last year's storm. An ambulance's siren came through and the new Fat Controller, Sir Stephen Topham Hatt talks to her that the train must wait with Donald and Douglas coming in with the injured passenger. Sure enough, the train arrives and The Fat Controller praises them both with a special moment of getting new coats of paint. With the doctor talking to Douglas about today's event, The Fat Controller decides to reopen the Kirk Ronan Branch Line despite some requests from many people across the entire island.

Sir Stephen Topham Hatt sends a survey team to check on the branch line with searching Rolf's Castle and Kirk Ronan including the harbor where Skarloey arrived by boat in 1865. The controller arrives at the steam works finding that Donald is painted in blue. The Scottish engine tells him about the rail enthusiasts and one of their own had survived, but the Fat Controller likes the color being painted on the engine. Then, he went to the CME of the North West Railway, Mark Stephens and speaks to him about building a new engine this year. Instead of buying one on British Railways, the chief mechanical engineer says that an existent design should be in place and with that done, Sir Stephen Topham Hatt leaves the steam works for Knapford in his car by driving on the road.



  • Railway Series references include; Crosspatch.
  • This marks the First appearances of Sir Stephen Topham Hatt and Mark Stephens.
  • This is the first time Donald and Douglas have been painted blue like in the Railway Series.


  • Diesel is seen without a face in the background at Knapford when Sir Stephen Topham Hatt is speaking.

Voice Cast

  • ANB as Alice
  • WildNorWester as Narrator, Donald and Douglas, Stephen Topham Hatt, Edward, Harry Sullivan, Harold and Mark Stephens