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Mid Sodor Railway
The Mid Sodor Sheds
Vital statistics
Type Closed Railway
Level Tier two
Opened October 1880
Closed January 1947
Location Originally before being named the Arlesdale Railway
Arlesburgh to King Orry's Bridge
Inhabitants Stuart (formerly)
Falcon (formerly)
Duke (formerly)
Andreas (formerly)
The MSR Manager
Stanley (formerly)
Atlas (formerly)

The Mid Sodor Railway is a railway that was once the site for three narrow-gauge engines puffing along this line with passengers and freight coming from some stations on this stretch of line.


In Running Solo, the railway was struggling with money and financial difficulties as the Skarloey Railway only had Rheneas doing the work since Skarloey is in the works station due to a freak accident with a rude lorry at the harbor. The only way to get out of this was that the manager had to bring both Falcon and Stuart who were both Sir Handel and Peter Sam to the new railway at Crovan's Gate after 5 years of being at a project at Peel Godred, Gordon later notified Sir Charles Topham Hatt at Knapford about the situation. Trouble blew up when there's less passengers, financial difficulties and Duke's too old to come with the two engines that The Fat Controller wanted them to work on the Skarloey Railway. The railway became a case of trouble when Sir Handel says that his brakes were malfunctioning along with Peter Sam's when they were on their old railway.

Sarah later used some old footage of the railway where the three engines were working on that railway. Although both Mike and Bert heard some whispers, Duke was finally rescued and is the engine who spooked the two tender engines because of both a new railway project and the railway being savage without freight traffic on the new railway since it opened two years ago in 1967. It also appeared in a 1923 flashback from the episode, Little Western Legacy.

In 2011, Sir Handel tells Charlie Hatt about Andreas, who was brought by Charles to haul the express. Andreas made bad remarks of the engines and left one passenger behind on purpose. After an incident involving his fireman, Andreas was put into the works shed. Duke told him about Andreas' predecessor who was very rough and came off the rails. The disgraced express engine was sent to work once again and later made an arrogant remark about Lily's lateness following a passenger tripping over at the last station on the NWR. Following an argument with Falcon, Andreas' last straw came when an accident involving some Slate Trucks occurred at Lower Arlesburgh. The manager had no choice but to dismantle Andreas at the works shed. Duke laments he was turned into a boat following this.