Mike Western
Vital statistics
Position Head of Barry's restoration
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes

Mike Western is an official working in the restoration of Barry and is seen with both Sir Charles Topham Hatt and sometimes his son, Sir Stephen Topham Hatt.


Mike Western said to 78018 that his boiler test will be starting now outside the works station before Sir Charles Topham Hatt said to not put the boiler pressure up to ten psi. If this become successful, a boiler certificate will be made by Stephen Topham Hatt and be given to Barry. Mr. Western looked at the boiler pressure from day to night with the volunteers plus CME Mark Stephens and Sir Charles Topham Hatt. Western was about to leave after he said to 78018 that his boiler pressure is up to one hundred psi when a volunteer said about the water. Western was also one of the managers who nearly panicked at a boiler explosion that could erupt from 78018 but was calmed down when management strategies were made between them.

Alice later came to the rescue and gave more water to 78018. Mr. Western later was at Knapford station and had a non-speaking role when Sir Stephen Topham Hatt spoke to 78018 that he can stay with the NWR for a few days until he goes to his heritage railway. Mr. Western finally said along with the two controllers that 78018 will work with Alice on her passenger run to Barrow-in-Furness before he left for his heritage railway in Great Britain. Mr. Western was finally thanked by the two controllers for his contribution by helping them with the entire project based on his skills and triumphs.