Mr. Andrew Duncan
The Small Controller with Sigrid of Arlesdale
Vital statistics
Position Controller of the Arlesdale Railway
Age N/A
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height N/A
Weight N/A

Mr. Andrew Duncan is the nephew of former Arlesdale Railway controller, Mr. Fergus Duncan, and the current controller of the Arlesdale Railway.


In Rough Start, he told Frank that the new engine was on the railway and wanted the workmen to help him get Olivia onto the railway tracks by crane. He was delighted to see the engine in perfect condition as the narrator actually introduced himself as Mr. Andrew Duncan. After the conversation, Mr. Duncan wanted Olivia to double-head with Mike to help pull his passenger train at Arlesburgh. This went through without incident until reaching a key railway station following the conversation between Mike and Olivia. At Arlesburgh, he thanked Olivia for rescuing Frank and wanted her to do Frank's trains while the diesel is being mended at the works. He has a non-speaking role in Cold Reception when he was speaking to Jane Albworth.

In Food for Thought, Mr. Duncan was waiting at Arlesburgh station when Mike steamed in. He sternly told him about a passenger's complaint of paying a dry cleaning bill, following an incident in the rain at the previous station. Mike explained that he was trying to be on schedule; and that his rough start earlier was the only way he could get his train going oon time. The controller agreed with him, knew another incident could occur at any time. A few days later on a Friday evening, The Small Controller came to the shed to talk about a change of schedule. Jock thought it was a scout camp tour group, but Mr. Duncan told the engines that there was to be a wedding held on the Arlesdale Railway at a forest near Marthwaite. Mr. Duncan explained that the maid of honor at the wedding had choosen Bert to haul the wedding train (he was supposed to be the "something blue" at the wedding) Mr. Duncan then related the details and a slight change to Bert's schedule to the little engine. He walks back to his office afterwards; and though there was a hiccup or two concerning the wedding's food delivery, the wedding was a success.

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