Mr. Fergus Duncan
Vital statistics
Position Former controller of the Arlesdale Railway
Former substitute controller of the Skarloey Railway
Status Alive
Physical attributes

Mr. Fergus Duncan is the former controller of the Arlesdale Railway.


Mr. Duncan told Rex and Bert that they would take passenger trains and he told Mike that he would pull trucks. After Mike accidentally pushed some ballast trucks into Donald's tender, Mr. Duncan sent Mike to the shed. When Bert broke down the next day, he sent Mike to the rescue, and Mr. Duncan gave Mike a new coat of paint and Bert was given a rebuilt. Mr. Duncan ordered Bert to take the Thin and Fat Clergymen to find Duke. In Diesels and Dukes, the man told Rheneas that he must join Skarloey at the works for some repairs and is the last thing left on his mind before The Duke of Sodor comes to the railway in a few days time to inspect the area.

Mr. Duncan talked to the engines about the produce that is now being sent to them. This happened at the sheds one evening. His final part from that was when Bert told The Small Controller about the traffic accident at the level crossing and if two engines were allowed to pull the special train for tomorrow morning. The Small Controller agreed with Bert before walking away from the station.

After Season 5 of Sodor: The Early Years, he retired as controller and was succeeded by his nephew, Andrew.



Cancelled Episodes

Voice Actor

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