Night Run
Night Run
Season One, Episode Nine
Vital statistics
Air date Saturday 2nd of April, 2011
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Little Western Super Rescue
Night Run is the ninth episode of Season 1.


One good evening, Thomas and Percy have arrived to collect their mail trains. Next to Thomas on the right is another mail train and Percy wonders what this one is for. They spot James having to pull it and he speaks to both tank locomotives that The Little Western needs its mail for the citizens. He thinks that the mail run actually sucks because the red tender locomotive wants to be back on the main line, not on a branch line. Both Thomas and Percy are furious with James, but the triplets leave Brendam bound for the main locations of every mail train. After a good long journey with his theme music playing along the way, James stops at Callan station and is uncoupled from the train as his driver tells him to be careful which the red steam locomotive is not going to listen at all times.

He arrives where Duck and Oliver are there to see him at Arlesburgh Shed. James is turned around on a turntable and meets Duck and Oliver at the shed after Duck says "good evening" to him. The red locomotive still grudges about the mail train this time making Oliver sad and Duck angry. After a near big fight, James sets off for the return journey. James bumps the mail train too hard and along the way, and a sudden jolt causes his tender to be uncoupled and banged too hard behind him. His driver tells him that he broke a drawbar between his cab and tender, and he cannot pull the train for longer. James feels silly and pulls the mail train into a siding so that the Great Western locomotives can double-head back to the docks during the night-time.

The train heads back at a fast speed while the music is playing throughout the scenes. They arrive and tell Thomas and Percy about what happened to James. The two tank engines then help James back to their shed. Sir Charles Topham Hatt speaks to the red engine with BoCo having to take his trains. Oliver talks to the Fat Controller about pulling the mail train with Thomas and Percy and the man says to Oliver that he can pull the train all the way through the starry sky.



  • This is the first appearance of the Mail Coaches.
  • BoCo is mentioned for the first time in this episode. He later has a non-speaking role in Christmas Delivery.
  • James' drawbar breaks between his cab and tender plus this is similar to the Railway Series story, Fire Engine.


  • James' sad face is tilted to the left when the mail run is taken over and at the sheds in Arlesburgh.



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