Norman Spencer
Vital statistics
Position Deputy director of the North West Railway (Unknown-2009)
Age Unknown
Status Resigned
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Norman Spencer is the former deputy director of the North West Railway


Noman Spencer's first appearance was in 'Locomotives and Legends: Shaky Start', when he questioned the Fat Controller's decision to restore Peter instead of purchasing a modern diesel.  One of the other directors, Mr Stevens, got Spencer to back down.

We next saw Norman Spencer in Winds of Change.  By this time, he had become deputy controller of the North West Railway.  He was appointed acting controller for a week, as Sir Stephen Topham Hatt had to retire. Norman set about plans to modernize the railway, and brought in Shane, a new diesel on trial. He also made sure Gordon wasn't repaired after his bad accident. His ultimate goal was to sell the steam locomotives to heritage railways or museums, or scrap them. However, after he realized he didn't understand the railway as much as he thought he might have, he decided to resign. Emily Helen Hatt became controller of the North West Railway after that.

Following his resignation, he moved to Copenhagen, to work in the finance industry there.

He was also mentioned in two episodes of Sodor: The Modern Years. The first was in Ode to George Carlin, when Rheneas called him a "nasty piece of work".  Duncan described him a bit more bluntly as a "pig-headed idiot".  Norman Spencer was mentioned again in The Missing Engine, when Thomas and Emily Helen Hatt were talking about the scrapping of the Wellsworth and Suddery engines.  When Thomas tells Emily about how the directors during The Great Depression insisted on maintaining a 'modern image' for the railway, she thinks he is talking about Norman Spencer.





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