Old Tricks
Old Tricks
Season Two, Episode Three
Vital statistics
Air date Saturday 11th June 2011
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Old Tricks is the third episode in Season 2, and the fifteenth episode overall.


The Troublesome Trucks push Percy onto the points one rainy day. Thomas, who is coming with Annie and Clarabel to Ffarquhar, suddenly tries to pin their brakes on in order to prevent a nasty head-on collision. Disaster is avoided but when Percy says that the trucks pushed him onto the points, Thomas disbelieves it and calls him a "klutz". A big fight breaks out between the two and are refusing to talk to each other ever again. Daisy tells Toby about the fight and Harold said that British Railways is bringing a locomotive to work on Thomas' Branch Line. Diesel comes to help out shunting trucks and getting passengers to their usual trains and Sir Charles Topham Hatt still believes that the hard work is actually going well.

Later, Percy and Diesel talk about the next train for Thomas and calling him an "incompetent green slug". Duck meets Toby at Tidmouth and talks about Diesel's attitude on the branch line since 1957 where the GWR tank locomotive was falsely accused of insulting Henry, Gordon and James with offensive nicknames. Another fight between the "incompetent green slug" and the "careless blue rocket with contentious grandeur" is on, but Toby talks to the blue tank locomotive about this and when it is over, Thomas and Percy remain friends again.

Percy orders Diesel to take the trucks and The Fat Controller speaks to Diesel at Knapford station. What they do not realize is that Gordon has overheard the whole conversation and this won't conclude until episode eighteen.



  • Railway Series references include Percy Runs Away and Dirty Work.
  • The United Kingdom flag can be seen at Dryaw.
  • This is the longest episode of Season 2, with a running time of 10:16.
  • This is the first episode not to start with the opening sequence.
  • A scene from this episode was created with new models in Troublesome Trucks.


  • Henry is in his old shape.
  • Percy wouldn't sit out on the points, he would have derailed because the points would've been against him.
  • The icon indicating an error in Trainz is seen throughout the episode.

Voice Cast

  • ANB as Daisy
  • WildNorWester as Narrator, Toby, Troublesome Trucks, Thomas, Percy, Diesel, Duck, Harold and The Fat Controller