Vital statistics
Position General Duties - Arlesdale Railway
Age 12 (as of 2018)

Built in 2006

Arrived on Sodor 2009
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Olivia is a miniature tank engine who was brought to the Arlesdale Railway in 2009. She was originally built in 2006 for the private estate railway of Sir Walter Albworth. After Sir Walter suddenly passed away in 2009, she was bought by the Arlesdale Railway on Sodor.


Initially, she was unfamiliar with timetable running and signals, as these weren't used on the estate railway. She and the railways' other engine were run on an 'as needed' basis, and movements were coordinated by radio. However, she quickly learned how to read signals and work to a timetable.

Olivia is a hard worker, and as taught by Sir Walter, never gives less than her very best.

Olivia makes a cameo in the episode, Doncaster Drawn as she was taken to the Arlesdale Railway by Douglas on his goods train going from Crovan's Gate to Arlesburgh West. It was in this episode that she and Douglas pass both Tornado & Gordon on a charity special on the last leg of their rail tour. In her first speaking role, Olivia was asked to see what the railway looked like, much different to her old railway. She doubled with Mike on his passenger train to inspect the line. Initially, she was unfamiliar with timetable running and signals, as these weren't used on the estate railway. She then got through with this after helping Frank home despite his breakdown near a faulty point switch on the old Mid Sodor Railway.

Near the end of the episode, Olivia told Rex along with both Mike and Frank that Sir Walter's children weren't interested in the railway and chose their own jobs. In Cold Reception, an old enemy came to see her at Marthwaite station. Although the person tried to make an apology, the miniature tank engine wouldn't listen. Olivia and the person, Jane Albworth settled their conflict with an apology after the woman missed her last passenger train and Olivia was so happy that the fight between them was over.


Olivia is based on Lydia, an engine working on the Perrygrove Railway.




  • As mentioned earlier, Olivia's design is based on 'Lydia' of the Perrygrove Railway, however her backstory has no connection to the Perrygrove Railway at all.
  • Her faces are modified from that of Emily the Stirling Single in the Thomas & Friends TV series. These are the same faces that were used for the original model of Alice in Season 3 of STEY, but have been updated.

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