On the Run
On the Run
Season Three, Episode Eleven
Vital statistics
Air date Friday 16th March 2012
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Shakedown Escape

On the Run is the eleventh episode of Season 3, and the twenty-ninth episode overall.


The stationmaster at Tidmouth station said to Alice with a light express train that there is a signal failure up ahead on the main line and is blocking all rail traffic from here. Oliver's story starts in 1967 where he and his auto-coach were working on a branch line with another engine, William who is on freight duty while Oliver took the passenger trains across the branch line. When the stationmaster said to him that the branch line is going to have diesels working there, Oliver was sad that he was going to be scrapped and the last thing is to make a great escape. The driver and fireman left with Oliver resting in the shed until night time.

When the plan was ready, Oliver took his auto-coach and a brake van by the name of Toad before chuffing off into the night sky heading for an island near Barrow-in-Furness. The GWR tank engine has passed two signal boxes with some clearance like the first one and unfortunately, a diesel on its freight run spotted them saying "What's this? A steam engine escaping..." before alerting railway authorities across Compton Magna about the escape and the next signalman said to Oliver that there's an old quarry branch at the next signal box as the GWR tank engine chuffed off to get over there for some cover.

With that signalman clearing Oliver into the abandoned branch line, his crew blocked the cutting with branches to prevent being spotted by diesels like the one who alerted railway authorities last night. That night, the GWR tank engine made his escape but trouble is there's an unscheduled freight train coming through right now. The question is: Will Oliver be spotted by the diesel hauling that unscheduled freight train? It is a TO BE CONTINUED episode as Oliver goes to part two of his story in escaping to the Island of Sodor.



  • This episode is based on the Railway Series story, Escape made by the Reverend W. Awdry.
  • The majority of this episode takes place in 1967.

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