One of a Kind
Rusty speaks to Patrick at Crovan's Gate station.
Season Five, Episode Ten
Vital statistics
Air date Saturday, 5th of October, 2013
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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One of a Kind is the tenth episode of Season 5, and the sixty-second episode overall.


Rusty is on a passenger run and tells Patrick that Peter Sam is on the Talyllyn Railway who originally was meant to take the narrow-gauge passenger train today. After a conversation with Rusty being called a "one of a kind", he heard the guard's whistle and sets off with his passenger train. One afternoon, Rusty was taking some mining supplies to the Slate Quarry. As he rounded a corner near Rheneas station, Sir Handel and Duncan were talking about Rheneas coming home and Rusty being on the railway. Unfortunately, Rusty overheard the talk and was angry about this. Sir Handel chuffed off after his talk with Duncan had finished. Rusty was at the level crossing quite shocked about the conversation and met Skarloey at the Slate Quarry. A few days later, Rusty worked hard and the engines attempted to cheer him up fell through the hold of minds. One Saturday afternoon, Duke and Skarloey with Sir Handel talked about Rusty's downpour but Sir Handel had to collect his next train when his driver told him to.

After the conversation, Duke had to take a passenger train after his driver arrived to start him up. A strange twitch from his cylinders came through, but Duke kept on chuffing. The train stopped on the viaduct due to Duke's left cylinder broken down and made himself get to the nearest station. Rusty later came to help Duke take the train and both of them moved off from there. Meanwhile, Duke tells his story for Rusty to hear about the time he was sheeted up in 1947 and The Duke of Sodor didn't come to rescue him. With some stock footage from Whispers, the two clergymen and the small controller rescued him in 1969 with the talk still going across the railway line to the next station.

At the sheds, the engines were talking about Rusty's comments from both Sir Handel and Duncan but The Thin Controller said that an overhaul from Rheneas is nearly complete. He also said that a new engine will be built under Mr. Hugh's management. The controller left them for the last time and finally, Rusty can join in the conversation with the other engines.



  • Railway Series references include Home at Last, Sir Handel's Plan, I Name This Engine..., Gallant Old Engine, Granpuff and Sleeping Beauty.
  • Stock footage from Whispers is used.
  • Like Back on Track, there is a light blue Ford Anglia parked near Rusty. This car was seen in the 2002 film, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
  • This is the last episode where WildNorWester voices Duncan.
  • Matthew1996 makes his first appearance as part of the voice cast.

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