Other Railway Diesels
Vital statistics
Position Diesels on British Railways
Age Varies
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Height Varies
Weight Varies

The Other Railway Diesels are those that are working on British Railways during its era until privatization in the 1990's.


Diesel saw one of his brothers scrapped in 1967/1981 when he was just about to pass with a train of plywood. He thinks that his class locomotives were becoming obsolete due to newer diesels coming in to help. It was correct to do it by British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, but somehow many enthusiasts on the Island of Sodor believe that Diesel is not considered to be revolutionary since he said this to Duck in 1957. This was in Season 2's final episode called Galloping Sausage after the Class 08 stopped Gordon from being a runaway and The Fat Controller sending Diesel home. When Stepney was on Sodor in 1983, he told Diesel about one of his brothers who survived being scrapped can be seen in a shed having the same face and prototype that the Class 08 had. This made him smile for good.

One diesel in On the Run spotted Oliver escaping before alerting railway authorities and another one took Oliver to the scrapyards in Escape. It was at the time of abolishing steam on British Railways and Douglas took the GWR tank engine to the works station where The Fat Controller suggested the idea that The Little Western needed another tank engine to help Duck on his branch line at all times, starting from 1968. Two diesels were seen during a two-part story featuring both Donald and Douglas in the fourth season, taking place in 1959. Some were seen in flashbacks that took place around the 1960s and during Oliver's escape to Sodor in the episode, On the Run. In 2009, a British Rail DMU can be seen behind Shane at Barrow-in-Furness during the feature-length special, Winds of Change.