Vital statistics
Position D5, runs the Norramby Branch Line
Age 27-35 (as of 2011)
Arrived on Sodor Before 1996
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Owen is a diesel who runs the Norramby Branch Line with Evan and Edwin.


Owen is the goods engine of the Norramby Branch, taking trains from destinations on the branch line along the mainline to Barrow and Knapford. He's well mannered and polite, although trying to keep the peace between Evan and Edwin does get a bit trying for him at times.

In Swan Song, Gordon broke down at Vicarstown and Owen had to take the express on to Knapford for him. He then had to settle arguments between the diesel railcar twins and Hubert. He then came up with the idea for Evan and Edwin to be able to pull rolling stock instead of just their leading railcar, which benefited the branch line greatly.


Owen is a British Rail Class 56 diesel, better known as a Gridiron.




Voice Actor


  • Owen was originally to be a BR Class 25, however WildNorWester had already modelled a class 56 model, and decided to modify and use that instead.
  • Owen has made several cameos in season 1 of STMY, including in a flashback to 1998 in Ode to George Carlin.
  • Owen shares the same faces as Hugh.
  • Owen shares the same basis as Lincoln, being a class 56 himself.