Post and Prejudice
Post & Prejudice
Season 4, Episode 12
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Air date Saturday 22nd December 2012
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Snowed In Bad Apple
Post and Prejudice is the twelfth episode in Season 4, and the forty-eighth episode overall.


One winter morning, the Main Line engines such as Gordon are getting ready for today's work but Bear is still not pleased about James who had disapproved himself of diesel domination on the island. All of the engines do their usual runs of passenger and freight work in each area of the NWR. While at Wellsworth station, James says to him angrily about being a yard diesel and why will he pull passenger trains. Both the red tender engine and Oliver argue about Bear and what happened within a decade in both 1957 and 1967. The engines such as Bear, Oliver, Thomas and Percy come to collect their mail trains, while James is thinking about diesels even one who betrayed the main line engines with offensive nicknames.

After the D3 smashes the snowdrift with his snow plough, the red tender engine at Crovan's Gate is asked to be on the lookout for the D3 since there is no contact as yet with Edward having to call him about the snowdrift. After having a conversation with Skarloey, James finds Bear in a bad way and is needed to take the mail train further on before last-minute passengers get angry about their late arrivals. The red tender engine takes the train after the D3 left them to get to the works for mending a talk converter that powers from his engine to the wheels that can move him along the main line.