Rescue Mission
Rescue Mission
Season Three, Episode Nine
Vital statistics
Air date Saturday 3rd March 2012
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Gordon's Promise Shakedown

Rescue Mission is the ninth episode of Season 3, and the twenty-seventh episode overall.


Sir Charles Topham Hatt was angry with Percy about Daisy's disrespect of taking the Troublesome Trucks since an encounter with yesterday's event of a bull on the tracks, a few hours after Gordon told The Fat Controller about Alice. Percy notices The Fat Controller's car is ringing, but it was actually a new telephone installer that was installed a couple of weeks ago as Sir Charles Topham Hatt raced to the top and took the call from Charles West at Crovan's Gate. The news reporter talked about the Great Northern Railway Preservation Society and its financial crisis before the Fat Controller asked Mr. West to meet him at Knapford. At the station, Gordon arrived and Patrick didn't turn up to take his passenger train but was asked by the stationmaster to take it.

Gordon was curious to find The Fat Controller telling him that he needs to go to Great Britain once again before meeting the news reporter and exchanging some information about Alice and what's going on in London as Gordon sets off for the world city after hearing the Fat Controller's advice. At Crovan's Gate, Gordon spoke to Skarloey about the sadness he had and the stationmaster quickly said about the message from London but a present was given to Gordon's driver before the express set off again. Meanwhile in London, Adam the Vice-President of the GNRPS said to Alice about the volunteers not appearing yet as Dave Matthews drove in and spoke to Alice with amazement that Gordon's arriving in some hours left to go before she was refurbished by her volunteers as the last of the society's money went through to buy her some load of coal.

Gordon arrived in London finding Patrick seeing him to do an important event. Patrick told Gordon the directions to Alice's shed before seeing her there but also giving the volunteers some lifetime passes in a shoebox and she announced that the volunteers did so well getting her through and the two engines double-headed the passenger train through the suburbs of London before reaching the works station. The Fat Controller later talked to her about Alice's overhaul which was in 1967/1977 and she chuffed off to be checked on by the workmen.



  • Bull's Eyes is referenced in this episode when Percy says about Daisy's encounter with one yesterday on the branch line.
  • This is the last appearance to feature London in this two-part episode since Gordon's Promise.
  • This episode is the last time we see Dave Matthews, Adam and the volunteers of Alice.
  • "She'll Be Comin' Around The Mountain" is played when Alice and Gordon go from London to Crovan's Gate in the evening.


  • Audio problems for WildNorWester can be heard in some parts of the video.
  • Daisy should take the trucks instead of Percy as ordered, but in Snowstorm, she did do it without any fuss.
  • As Gordon arrived at Crovan's Gate, purple smoke can be seen flashing at the station's bridge way.
  • When the narrator says the word "minute" at Knapford station, he's supposed to say "minutes".

Voice Cast

  • ANB as Alice
  • WildNorWester as Narrator, The Fat Controller, Skarloey, Gordon, Patrick, Percy, Charles West, Dave Matthews and Adam



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